Tier 1 'Air' Chambers 

Tier 1 Air Pod uses 'compressed air' (21%) as breathing inside the unit.

Pressure < 1.3 ATA (30 kPa).

*There is no provision for exhausting exhaled breathing.

TGA registration cancelled in 2015.

Tier 2 Monoplace Chambers

OXYMED Tier 2 using 100% medical O2 

Delivers high flow rates (20-25 LPM) using hospital approved Built In Breathing System (BIBS) with exhaust breathing eliminated to the outside of the chamber.

Treatment pressures are between 1.5 - 2.2ATA in accordance with International clinical protocols.

 * Registered with Worksafe and PVHO

Tier 1 Soft Chambers

Tier 1 Soft Chambers using an O2 concentrator. The O2 concentrator operates at 1.3 ATA (30 kPa) with a maximum flow at 5-10 LPM

The average person requires at least 15-20 LPM inside a HBOT chamber.

*Pressure <1.3 ATA (45 kPa).

**There is no provision for exhausting exhaled breathing.

TGA registration cancelled in 2015.

Tier 3 Hospital Chambers

Hospital Chambers using 100% medical O2 at pressures between 2.8 ATA and greater.

Tier 3 protocols are for 'life threatening' and 'highly infectious' disorders.

* Medicare funding is limited to 6-conditions only in Australia. 

Tier 1 Aluminium Chambers

Tier 1 Aluminium Chambers using an O2 concentrator with a maximum flow at 5-10 LPM.

Pressure <1.5 ATA (50 kPa).

*There is no provision for exhausting exhaled breathing.

TGA registration cancelled in 2015.



What is the "actual dosage" inside a hyperbaric chamber?

The dosage is referred to as the Inspired Fraction of Oxygen (IfO2).


The formula for all chamber is the same - Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3.

 * Inspired Fraction of Oxygen (IfO2) = (concentration of O2 (fO2) x mask efficiency x the treatment pressure (in ata)

Inspired Fraction of Oxygen (IfO2)

At Sea Level

Sea level breathing "normal air" (21%)?

 * IfO2 = 21% (.21) x sea level pressure (1 ATA) = 21% IfO2.

Air Pod

Air Pod does NOT use an Oxygen concentrator.

The patient is breathing pressurised 'air' at 1.3 ATA.

 * IfO2 = 21% (.21) x 1.3 (ATA) = 27.3% IfO2.

 ** Air Pod: IfO2 =  27%.

What is the "real" dose inside a soft & mild HBOT chamber using an Oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen concentrators only provide between 5-10 LPM.

However the average person requires at least, 15-20 LPM inside a hyperbaric chamber.

Where is the balance of "Oxygen" coming from?

 * Typically the occupant and operator will turn up the flow rate in order for the occupant to 'feel' that they are getting enough air. However this dramatically LOWERS the actual concentration of oxygen to the occupant.

 ** 93% suddenly become significantly less and typically as low as 50%. 

Mask leakage

 * Virtually all soft and mild chambers use inexpensive disposable masks and rebreathing systems using a "1 litre bag". The masks do not 'seal onto the face' and provide considerable leakage between the mask and face.

 ** The leakage can be as much as 10-15%, or greater.

Now we must allow for the decreased O2 concentration (efficiency at 50%) and mask leakage (efficiency at 85%).

 - IfO2 (in ata) = (concentrator fO2  x  mask efficiency) x the treatment pressure (in ata).


The 'actual dosage' formula:

 * IfO2 = [50% from the Oxygen concentrator x 85% mask efficiency = 42.5%] x 1.3 (ATA) = 55.25% IfO2.

 ** The Actual Dose breathing the "advertised" 94% O2 @ 1.3 ATA = 55.25%.

Dosage at Tier 2 and Tier 3 Chambers

Tier 2 and Tier 3 systems provide 100% O2 without mask leakage using a BIBS or Hood system.

Using the treatment dose formula: PO2 = [100% (1.0) Oxygen  x 100% (1.0) mask efficiency = 1.0] x Treatment pressure (ATA) 


 *  PO2 = [100% (1.0) Oxygen  x 100% (1.0) mask efficiency = 1.0] x 2.0  (ATA) = 2.0 ATA

 ** 2.0 ATA is the correct treatment dose.

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