* International Conference on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy And The Brain 

OXYMED Australia treatment recommendations are in accordance with the world leading Sagol Hyperbaric Medicine Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Sagol Hyperbaric is the world's largest clinical research facility with over 150-200 patients attending daily. In excess of 70% of the patients receive HBOT for a range of neurologic conditions including stroke, fibromyalgia, dementia, cognitive decline and other neurodegenerative disorders. In addition a large growing percentage of patients attend Sagol Hyperbaric for the benefits of Anti-aging including brain and organ rejuvenation

Patients typically attend daily for 60 2-hours sessions over the initial 3-month period. 


Prof Shai Efrati & Mal Hooper - Eilat 2017 'HBOT and the Brain'

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