* International Conference on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy And The Brain 

  • OXYMED Australia treatment recommendations are in accordance with the world leading Sagol Hyperbaric Medicine Tel Aviv, Israel. The Sagol Hyperbaric is the world's largest clinical research facility with over 150 -patients attending daily. In excess of 70% of the patients receive HBOT for a range of neurologic conditions including stroke, fibromyalgia, dementia, cognitive decline and other neurodegenerative disorders. In addition a large growing percentage of patients attend Sagol Hyperbaric for the benefits of Anti-aging including brain and organ rejuvenation

  • Patients typically attend daily for 60 2-hours sessions over the initial 3-month period. 


Prof Shai Efrati & Mal Hooper - Eilat 2017 'HBOT and the Brain'