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SIGVARIS is world renown for producing medical compression garments to the highest functionable and fashionable standards while maintaining Swiss made quality. For years, SIGVARIS Australia has provided the worlds best round knit garments to lymphoedema therapists to treat their patients.


NOW Sigvaris compression technologies are available to assist individuals with the physical challenges of modern day lifestyles. 

From elite sports persons to corporate individuals travelling constantly SIGVARIS has an innovative product unique to your individual requirements.

SIGVARIS is working with OXYMED Australia to enable patients to gain additional benefits from 'garment' mechanical compression whilst undertaking HBOT protocols.


SIGVARIS compression stockings can benefit you at any time of the year but particularly in the summer months.

SIGVARIS compression stockings are the key to preventing painful, swollen legs.

So, what makes SIGVARIS compression stockings so effective for your legs?

  • SIGVARIS compression stockings apply specific, targeted pressure to your legs, helping to reduce venous pressure build-up caused by expanded blood vessels.

  • SIGVARIS compression stockings help to accelerate the flow of blood through your veins, and allows blood to flow freely back to your heart. This helps to prevent painful swelling of your legs, and keeps them feeling cooler and fresher for longer!

Non-contact leg measurement: LEGREADER XT5

In the year of its 150th anniversary, SIGVARIS opens up the market of three-dimensional leg measurement. The Legreader XT5 creates a profile of the legs without touching them and determines the most effective compression stocking size – within a very short measuring time. In Switzerland, one in five women and one in six men suffer from venous disorders. Compression therapy is a cornerstone in the treatment of these disorders. When properly fitted, compression garments are free from side effects and alleviate symptoms such as pain and discomfort in the legs. By taking accurate measurements, it is ensured that compression stockings fit perfectly and a controlled degressive pressure pattern is guaranteed.


The Legreader XT5 provides an easy, quick and straightforward way to measure legs. Deep infrared sensors scan the leg while the software analyzes the data and creates a 3D model. Within a few seconds, the leg is measured from foot to knee or up to the hip, according to the individual needs. To rule out errors, the device re-measures five times and compares the results – all in a very short period of time.

Since the measurements are taken by means of deep infrared sensors, the process is absolutely safe and therefore also suitable for measuring during pregnancy. Patient data are saved locally and can be retrieved at any time.

The Legreader XT5 is already in use for test purposes at Sanbeck in Winterthur and at Bente Orthopädie & Rehatechnik in Buchs. As from November 5, it will also be available at Becker AG Orthopädie- und Sanitätsgeschäft in Zurich. 

The Legreader XT5 is NOW available at OXYMED Australia (South Yarra).