• Hyperbaric Oxygenation (HBO) is non-invasive. It is not a surgical procedure

  • HBO is safe. Unlike many other treatments and surgical procedures, HBO has few side effects and almost none of any lasting nature

  • HBO enriches available Oxygen into ALL energy deprived (hypoxic) structures

  • HBO works extremely well with other forms of physical therapies and or requisite medications. It enhances the effectiveness of both traditional and complimentary therapies

  • Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygenation



The key issue in the adoption of any therapy perceived as new or novel is making the profession aware of the facts, and this means marketing. Even the introduction of a new drug is difficult, although physicians are generally drugs orientated. Medical marketing professionals’ claim that it typically requires at least a ‘five-year marketing plan, with an annual budget of about US $40 million dollars per year before the average medical doctor is aware of the product and becomes a referral source’.

In the case of Hyperbaric Medicine, most physicians received very little undergraduate training on this form of treatment, with the majority of doctors still thinking that the merits of HBOT are restricted to treatment of 'diving complications'.

Oxygenation has been demonstrated to be an essential ingredient in maintaining quality of life and in overcoming numerous conditions and disease processes. ‘Restriction of vital Oxygen levels (hypoxia) accelerates degenerative conditions, weakens immune function, opens the gateway for opportunistic infections and generally retards the body’s healing capabilities.


The sooner tissue hypoxia is corrected, the better the outcome. Most hypoxic tissue requires hyperbaric pressure to achieve a significant increase in Oxygen delivery because of poor Oxygen solubility in the blood and surrounding tissues 'The Life is in the Blood' - Hooper 2005 (ISBN: HB 0-646-043327-3  PB 0-646-40326-5).


In short, Hyperbaric Medicine is here to stay and will undoubtedly emerge as a major preventative measure of the 21st century.

Why isn’t Hyperbaric Oxygenation chambers available in every doctor's clinic?


It is clear that there is a general failure to understand the fundamental importance of clinical Oxygen in human physiology. If this were not the case, HBOT would already have become just another tool used in the day-to-day practice of medicine, as are pills, surgical procedures and injections.

The traditional medical approach generally includes a course of pills, injections, and surgery and as a last resort, may be Hyperbaric Therapy. Changing views, public awareness and continuing medical support will reposition HBOT - immediate access and treatment at the local hyperbaric facility (probably in your local doctor’s office), then medications and injections, and as a last resort the surgeon’s knife!