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  • HPARA is the peak body for healthcare regulation reform in Australia.

  • HPARA is dedicated to reform in order to best support the delivery of great healthcare for all. We represent the health and well-being and best interests of all regulated healthcare practitioners and clients/patients alike.

Road to Reform

'The bullying and harassment of medical and allied health professionals has become so widespread that it recently became the subject of no less than two Senate Inquiries into the Medical Complaints process in Australia.'

Despite the hard questions being asked by the Inquiry the answers from AHPRA were typically evasive and have done little to change the current state of affairs that continue to see Healthcare Professionals being unfairly treated by a regularity system that is allowing bullying and anti-competitive behaviour.

Why join HPARA?

HPARA is an organisation dedicated to the reform of health care regulation in order to best support the delivery of great health care for all. We represent the health and well-being and best interests of all regulated health care practitioners and clients/patients alike.


By joining HPARA you are giving your voice to a much needed reform action to address the systematic bullying and abuse of true and caring health professionals. If a stop is not put to this, the future outcome for our health care system is not promising. The targeting of health care workers and doctors is in itself abhorrent, but the impacts for patients and the broader community are equally substantial because in a culture where bullying is rife no true advancement and innovation can occur.


Without our voices reform cannot happen. As the saying goes:

HPARA and its members are not prepared to sit back and allow this to occur. Our push for a Royal Commission will continue until reform is fully achieved.

What HPARA does not do


HPARA has not been set up to advocate on the behalf of individuals, we do not have the resources or the means to do so. We are working on a systematic scale to bring about reform from the top down; to ensure that all individuals are given a fair and just hearing, and support is given to all who have had a complaint made against them.


If members have had false and vexatious complaints made against them personally, HPARA is able to offer support by way of putting members in contact with a number of lawyers who have offered their services to offer advice on their cases and what steps they can take to support themselves.


Who do we represent?


In short, All regulated health care providers.


We advocate for a system that supports practitioners to grow and evolve, with the knowing that being a health care professional is a life long learning. We understand that mistakes can be made, and all efforts should be made to support our practitioners to grow and learn and not to mark and shame and put a black mark against their name. We equally understand that the current system is designed to support false, misleading and vexatious complaints. Our current system operates under the presumption of guilty until proven innocent. This is not a system that supports anyone.


What do we stand for?


  1. Health care regulation that holds practitioners and patients/clients in equal respect with complainants and practitioners having equal rights and accountability

  2. The upholding of all human rights for all in all investigative processes

  3. A culture of care equal for practitioners and patients/clients

  4. A culture of support equal for practitioners and patients/clients


We hold as a foundational tenet that both practitioners and clients/patients are united by a common humanity.


We are all people with the same foundational human rights and deserving of equal respect and consideration in all matters.


Being equal, it is important in all systems that the principle of truth is honoured, and all who are engaged in the process have an equal accountability and responsibility.

At present the current system is set up with a bias in favour of complainants with no accountability for those who are making unfounded, invented or malicious and vexatious complaints.


This does not hold everyone in equal respect or accountability.


Regulation is needed to ensure that the public is protected from harmful practitioners, as nobody deserves to be harmed by another, but equally we need a system that ensures that practitioners are equally held in respect from the harm that comes from unfounded or malicious complaints.


The impact of false complaints and the repercussions that ensue from protracted investigative and review processes are wide and far reaching and can lead to the inappropriate withdrawal of practice licenses and profound personal impacts for practitioners that are pursued. Financial loss, immense personal suffering and high rates of burnout, depression, anxiety and even suicide can result.


There is a responsibility and duty of care to all people to be upheld in the health care regulation system. Vexatious complaints can also lead to the removal from society of caring, qualified and highly sought after practitioners performing much needed service and care in their communities. These people cannot be replaced.

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