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Malcolm R. Hooper, D.C.

643 Chapel Street

South Yarra, Victoria 3141


October 2, 2016


Dear Dr. Hooper (Mal):                                                                                      Re:  IHMF Presentation


On behalf of the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation (IHMF) and International Hyperbaric Medical Association (IHMA) and as immediate past president/founder of the IHMF and past president/founder of the IHMA I want to thank you for accepting my invitation to speak in New Orleans, Louisiana 9/911/2016 at the conference:  HBOT2016, The Tenth International Symposium on Hyperbaric Oxygenation.  More importantly, I want to congratulate you on stunning presentations that garnered the highest reviews by the conference attendees.  This is no small feat considering that all of the other speakers are noted highly experienced national and international lecturers, many of them from the faculty of the Louisiana State University School of Medicine New Orleans Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship and Emergency Medicine Department. Your presentations and the imaging/videos of treated cases left the audience enraptured and awed at clinical outcomes that are rarely seen in medicine.  Again, congratulations on superlative lectures.

The quality of your lectures was no surprise to me.  I have known you for nearly two decades and have witnessed your accomplishments repetitively over that period of time.  You are a brilliant clinician.  The breadth of your scientific knowledge is astounding and at a level far beyond any of your peers.  More importantly, it is buttressed and underpinned by an extensive knowledge of the medical literature.  The application of this knowledge and your techniques/treatments to patients with the following untreatable conditions was remarkable if not sensational:

  1. Failed back syndrome:  a condition for which there is no treatment.  Patients are relegated to a poor quality of life with chronic pain and narcotic addiction.  The cases you presented who had failed so many surgeries and who were able to improve their chronic symptoms and quality of life after hyperbaric oxygen therapy had never been witnessed by the conference audience. 

  2. Large acute herniated disk:  The reduction in size of such large herniated disks (nearly 2 cm) to less than 5 mm with repetitive hyperbaric oxygen therapy was astounding.  MRI images don't lie.  Such a large change in anatomy is typically only possible with surgery.

  3. Chronic spinal cord injury/paraplegia:  The treatment of the young paralyzed girl with Lokomat and hyperbaric oxygen therapy is something I have only witnessed in the treatment of acute cord injury with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  In the 1990s I had the largest series of acute spinal cord injury cases treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the United States.  I enjoyed significant success with incomplete or non-transected cord injury.  Since that time I have treated 20-30 chronic spinal cord injured patients.  Improvements are minimal except in divers with cord decompression sickness.  I have never achieved the degree of motor function you demonstrated in the little girl with chronic paraplegia.  The potential for others with chronic cord injury and severe acute cord injury is unequaled by any other therapy I have witnessed with the exception of the extremely invasive omental transposition to the cord.

  4. Sports injuries in elite athletes:  these cases alone are testament to your clinical effectiveness.   To compete at the international professional sports level athletes, rely on the finest nuances of training, diet, and rehabilitation of injury.  Mistakes aren't tolerated and are extremely costly.  Your success with the application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other therapies to this group of athletes, some of whom are world champions, is beyond noteworthy.


Use of cytokine and interleukin monitoring in the treatment of patients with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  This is a brilliant scientifically based approach to document clinical outcomes.  As you know, one of the largest clusters of genes up-regulated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the anti-inflammatory gene cluster and one of the largest clusters of down-regulated genes is the pro-inflammatory' gene cluster.  The increases in anti-inflammatory cytokines/interleukins and reductions in pro-inflammatory cytokines/interleukins nicely tracked the cases you presented.  I would suggest that you are pioneering a new method of clinical monitoring in hyperbaric medicine.


All of these examples represent contributions at the forefront of the medical profession.   As a result of your clinical achievements, scientific knowledge, and importance to the field of hyperbaric medicine the IHMF board invited you to become a board member.   We expect that you will continue your multi-modality groundbreaking achievements in orthopedics, neurology, and sports medicine and that you will significantly help the IHMF lead the advance of hyperbaric medicine worldwide.

Paul G. Harch, M.D

Immediate Past President, IHMF

Clinical Professor, Director, Hyperbaric Medicine Department, University Medical Center, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, 

New Orleans, Louisiana

September 23, 2016

Malcolm R. Hooper

Clinical Director, Founder

HyperMED I OXYMED Australia I OXYGENIOO - Heal The Warriors

643 Chapel Street

South Yarra Victoria 3141 


Dear Mal,

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to you for so many reasons after working with you over the last several months. When the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation began organizing the HBOT2016 conference, we set an agenda to bring speakers in who are involved in the most avant garde work around the world in hyperbaric medicine. Whether in research venues or in clinical access, we felt it critical to expose our delegates to a broad spectrum of advances to this amazing modality of healing and therapeutics. We knew your situation in Australia had generated great political and regulatory difficulties and thought it might be too much to ask you to come to the United States for our scientific meeting.

We are certainly glad you decided to press on to Louisiana. Your presentations were among the best received. Our delegates' review of your lectures were peppered with many great comments. You were at the top of all the assembled luminaries in the review of speakers data that was collated at the conference. That clearly does not happen on charm alone in this group of critical thinkers who have had to battle against so many fronts to continue to care for their patients in the face of so many economic barriers. The underfunded hyperbaric research community has had similar difficulties but without the blatant close-mindedness of trade restrainers and interference from the larger medical profession and regulators.

As someone who interprets musculoskeletal and spinal MRIs on a daily basis, your approach to metabolically quieting chemotaxis and cytokines in the treatment of disc disease is innovative and ultimately a great cost savings to the usual treatment course when surgery might otherwise be endeavored. The neuroplasticity approach to physical rehabilitation in combination with "molecular" rehabilitation via HBOT that you have incorporated into the care of children with gait abnormalities from neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy has truly generated astounding and obvious clinical results. Performance athletes and professional contact sports teams are in need of the metabolic stimulation of repair that hyperbaric medicine affords to improve their work product. You have shown Australians that an organizational approach can leverage the performance benefits of hyperbaric therapy to benefit an entire team's ranking. The world's sports industry may have a few billionaires interested in hiring you to work with their physicians as the premier "metabolic conditioning" coach.

Clearly your pioneering spirit and deep study of the world's literature have brought you to a unique place in the world. As you so eloquently stated in New Orleans, access to our own metabolic, genetic and proteinomic cellular assets through HBOT is truly becoming a "human rights" issue. Conversely, the economic, regulatory, professional and infrastructure barriers to access of this centuries old idea is a grave omission in the education of our world's physicians. Economic influences in the politics of medicine across much of the English-speaking world of science suggests that protectionism of proprietary medical advances might explain the lack of media coverage in the advances of hyperbaric medicine. What other medical intervention can resuscitate a life so far gone into death as we saw with Dr. Keith Van Meter's lecture? How many children or young adults are in a persistent obtunded state waiting to be recovered by HBOT such as Curt Allen was by Dr. Paul Harch?

All of us in the hyperbaric scientific community recognize the growing body of research that stem cells are released at remarkable levels by the stimulus of HBOT. Our fellow human beings should have access to their own stem cells as a human right, and our economies might agree better with the markedly improve resource utilization when oxygen saturation technology such as this becomes a force multiplier of our own "natural" healing resources. Arduous is the mission here of course, but the overall benefit to society and our national economies cannot be denied in the use of pressure vessels with the ultimate nanotechnology of unpatentable molecular medicine.

Your efforts in society are applauded by rest of us on the board of the IHMF, not only as a brilliant lecturer who has had a 2-decade involvement with the IHMF-HBOT conferences and shared collegiality but as a true humanitarian. With the future of the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation firmly grounded by the growing global interest in hyperbaric medicine, it is a great honor to have you serve on the board of directors. Our international community of learned global citizens in this revolutionary approach to improvement of the human condition will have a "friend of science" in you that truly works for the benefit of fellow humans. As we move forward together in developing international standards of care and practice tiers, it will be a goal for us to help you establish hyperbaric practice guidelines among varying professional classes within the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency.

Thank you again for coming to America, exposing our delegates to such progressive healthcare ideas, and accepting the board position on the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation.



Dr Edward "Ted" Fogarty

IHMF President

Chair, Department of Radiology 

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