For Chuck Norris’s wife, Gena, recovery from gadolinium toxicity cost over $2 million



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UN 14, 2017 — Dear Supporters,

In a heart-wrenching interview, Gena Norris, wife of the acclaimed actor, Chuck Norris tells her account to Full Measure (an investigative Sunday news program) of the serious health problems she developed after being exposed to gadolinium.

For further evaluation of her rheumatoid arthritis, Gena underwent three MRIs in the short span of one week. Shortly afterward she developed a myriad of symptoms including a sensation of severe burning throughout her body. Gena felt she was dying and by looking at her, Chuck believed she was. She presented to the emergency room 5 or 6 nights in a row, but physicians were unable to determine the cause. She continued to get worse and was tested for cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. The diagnosis remained a mystery. 

Eventually, Gena realized that her symptoms all began shortly after having her MRIs. She asked her doctors about this possibility and they were adamant that gadolinium could not be the cause. She began doing research about the adverse effects of gadolinium and found the research and personal accounts by patients who had suffered as she had. 

When Gena had her gadolinium blood level tested it was “off the chart”. This convinced Gena and Chuck that she had been poisoned by this heavy metal that is supposed to “clear the body within hours of receiving it”. As is known, patients with kidney problems often cannot metabolize gadolinium properly and can develop a deadly disorder known as NSF. Gena, however, had normally functioning kidneys. 

Fortunately, Gena found a clinic in Reno, Nevada and then one in China who treated her successfully, but it was expensive (spending $1.18 million in 2014 alone), took 5 months of intensive IV therapy, and she was bedridden the entire time. When she returned home she bought a hyperbaric chamber, which helped. Gena is now sharing her story with the world to raise awareness about the potential ill effects of gadolinium. 

In the same interview, Sharon Williams shares her story with gadolinium. Sharon had five MRIs with contrast over several years and “got sicker each time”. Unfortunately, the more sick Sharon became, the more MRIs she had to help her doctors diagnose her problem. She suffered from pain, spasms, very high blood pressure, thickened skin on her abdomen, upper legs and face. Her cognitive function was also impaired. When the doctors could not determine the diagnosis, Sharon started doing research on her own. When she read about the potential ill effects of gadolinium she knew that she had been poisoned. In 2014, she had part of her thyroid gland removed and it was found to contain gadolinium, which was 51 months after her last MRI.

In order to help others in her situation, Sharon founded The Lighthouse Project along with Hubbs Grimm, bringing together all those affected by gadolinium and to serve as a storehouse for information. Sharon has collected 500 research articles in this area. 

Full Measure contacted the FDA and GE and Bayer, the biggest sellers of gadolinium, but all three declined to be interviewed. They stated that “the risk benefit profile [for gadolinium products] remains favorable”, however GE and Bayer settled hundreds of lawsuits involving their gadolinium agents.

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