In excess of 30% of our attending patients receive additional OXYMED sponsorship due to: 1. financial hardship and 2. complexity of the condition.

 * Hyperbaric Oxygen sessions are scheduled for 90-minutes - once or twice each day during the intensive phase (60-120 hours).

 ** Cytokine Biomarkers are recommended pre Hyperbaric Oxygen as a baseline test and repeated after the initial 60-hour block to monitor the impact of HBOT on your immune responses.


Individuals with chronic health challenges will often notice a significant rise in the "pro-inflammatory" cytokine markers typically around 60+ hours of HBOT, as part of  "Oxygen wash-out".

As Oxygen penetrates hypoxic cells there is cellular clearance, re-booting both mitochondrial respiration and function.  "Oxygen in : garbage out".

 * The second stage of Hyperbaric Oxygen protocols is the "regeneration phase" - tissues require continuing elevation of stem cell differentiation and anti-inflammatory reparative gene expressions promoting regeneration, performance and optimal living.

OXYMED fees are reasonable, and our treatment protocols (pressures and time durations) in accordance with the International literature. 

 * Typically most non-hospital Tier 2 HBO facilities charge between USA $300-450 per HBO session.

 ** USA and European hospitals vary greatly with charges ranging between USA/EU $650-1800 per treatment.