Do I need to be referred?

The majority of patients are referred by their treating Medical or allied Health Care Professional.

In addition many patients attend under "self treatment and self management".

 * You will be encouraged to continue consulting with your referral doctor, alternatively you will be referred to our OXYMED medical support team.​ 


The OXYMED Program

All referral patients are encouraged to provide a detailed email to their history and past treatments. Patients are encouraged to bring past medical records, investigations and medication list.

 * Patients are encouraged to undertake specific Cytokine blood testing pre HBOT and at specified treatment intervals.

The OXYMED Program is a unique regimen that begins with comprehensive, in-depth assessments. The results of these assessments are the basis for developing a strategically tailored, client-specific treatment plan targeted for personal improvement goals. Treatment plans include highly specialized HBOT sessions together with other innovative modalities, as well as nutritional and lifestyle coaching.

Has the OXYMED program been tested?

OXYMED is the largest non-hospital provider of HBOT. We commenced using HBOT for the wider applications of autoimmune disorders in 1996.

 * We have over 25 years experiencing using HBOT and other innovative methods supporting our referral patients. Our patients range from international athletes and celebrities to those suffering complex health challenges.

 * The combination of HBOT and LOKOMAT Robotic Gait Assisted Walking (2006) being a world first and our clinical director Malcolm Hooper, a regular keynote speaker at international conferences. 

Who is the OXYMED Program aimed at?

The OXYMED Program is intended for healthy aging adults who wish to improve their health and wellbeing.

Knowledge is power and we are about empowering you and your health.

Who administers the treatments?

HBOT treatments are administered by a multidisciplinary team of ANDI (American Nitrox Diving International) certified hyperbaric technologists. Case coordination is supported by our professional administrative staff. Cytokine testing and medical supervision is coordinated on a case by case basis. This team is overseen by Malcolm Hooper, OXYMED Clinical Director.

Are the treatments covered by insurance?

No, at present insurance coverage for HBO Treatments only applies to 6 conditions that are primarily hospital based conditions. The OXYMED Program is considered an enhancement to the standard therapy and is an elective private treatment. This means that it is considered off-label use and is not presently covered by any medical insurance. 

How long do the treatments take?

As you can well imagine enhancing your health and wellbeing cannot be done overnight. Rather, it requires a cumulative process to achieve the potential of success. As such, the OXYMED Program takes time and requires effort on your part and compliance. We begin with a comprehensive onboarding process including cytokine testing and medical review. Depending on the health challenges that you are facing will ultimately reflect to the number of hours in treatment.


 * Your HBOT sessions are typically scheduled daily during the initial block of saturation. However this may vary and some patients only required to commence 2-3 days per week.

 * The initial baseline saturation is typically 60-hours of HBOT followed by comparison cytokine testing and further consultation medical review. 

How does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy work?

During Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), 100% Oxygen is inhaled while in a room pressurized typically at 2.0 ATA (atmospheres absolute). During this process the amount of Oxygen that reaches the body’s tissues and organs increases 10-15-fold compared to breathing in a normal environment.


 * OXYMED has developed a novel Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy protocol, based on over 25 years of scientific studies and direct clinical work.

 * In addition to increasing the amount of Oxygen disseminated in your body, during treatments this protocol involves intermittent and precise fluctuations in your body’s Oxygen levels and pressure variations to help assist the body’s natural rejuvenation potential.

Is HBOT something new?

Standard protocol Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been around for more than 60 years.

 * HBOT is administered in hospitals regularly for 14 indications (USA approved) and primarily used to help heal aggressive wounds (like diabetic wounds), medical emergencies and diving accidents. Under Australian Medicare, only 6 conditions are covered.

What atmospheric pressure does the Oxygen go to?

The current standard in most hospital hyperbaric oxygen centers is 2.8 ATA pressure and greater under Medicare. This very high pressure is only recommended for highly infective disorders and hospital emergency conditions.


 * At OXYMED, the typical pressure reaches 2.0 ATA to reduce the risk of any side effects and issues associated with higher pressure and excessive oxidative stress. This is the preferred treatment pressure by the majority of leading physicians.

What are the risks and potential side effects?

HBOT has been used safely for many years. 


Potential side effects are low-risk and relatively rare, these include:

1. Temporary change in vision or visual acuity HBOT treatments can temporarily change the shape of the eye’s lens as higher oxygenation affect all organs and tissues in the body. Temporarily, myopia (near-sightedness) may become worse, and presbyopia (the inability to focus on objects near the eye due to age-related changes) may improve.

2. Discomfort to ears during the hyperbaric process. Because the hyperbaric suite is pressurized, clients – particularly those who have difficulty equalizing the pressure in their ears – may experience mild ear discomfort (similar to when a plane is taking off or landing). This is temporary and resolves quickly after treatment. If discomfort persists, there is a risk of damage to the ears and sinuses. We assess and seek to reduce these risks as part of your comprehensive intake process. A certified hyperbaric technician is present at all times, to monitor patient comfort and treatment reactions, and respond quickly to any challenges.


3. In very rare cases, standard HBOT patients have experienced toxicity to the lungs or to the central nervous system. At OXYMED, we use a specially designed protocol which incorporates air-breaks from breathing 100% pure oxygen, to deliver enhanced HBOT while reducing the risk of adverse side effects. The prevalence of such potential side effects is rare due to our advanced safety protocol and professional clinical staff. Because your safety is paramount, a certified technician is always present during HBOT operations and medical assistance (if required) within 3 minutes. 

Can HBOT induce cancer?

No. Clinical and pre-clinical testing have shown that hyperbaric treatment cannot induce or accelerate cancer. Moreover, one of the official uses of hyperbaric medicine is the treatment of cancer patients who have suffered post-radiation treatment injuries.

 * HBOT is often recommended conjunctional with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. There is no evidence of any acceleration or influence on cancer in these cases.

How does a OXYMED chambers compare with soft inflatable mild chambers

 * Soft inflatable and mild chambers in most cases do not provide pressure over 1.3 ATA and do not deliver pure medical grade Oxygen and cannot benefit from the 'fluctuation' protocol.

OXYMED custom-designed Hyperbaric Oxygen Monoplace chambers can comfortably seat upright a large adult.

Each chamber is fitted with a large plasma screen outside of the chamber. You can spend the time listening to music, meditating, watching a latest podcast or catch up on some sleep. At the same time out technical staff can safely and effectively fluctuate the levels of pressure and Oxygen provided during treatment, helping to assist the body’s natural rejuvenation potential.

Is HBOT approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration? 

HBOT provided in hospitals are approved by the TGA for acute and chronic medical conditions. However under Medicare only 6-conditions are covered in a hospital setting. 

 * The OXYMED Program is currently focused on the broader applications of HBOT and can be legally administered provided the HBO Treatment is administered by an approved HBOT technician and supervision as required, by authorized medical physicians.

OXYMED Hyperbaric Chambers

 * OXYMED (HTA Monoplace Chambers) registered under Occupational Health and Safety Act 1985, OHS (Plant) Regulations 1995, Equipment (Public Safety) Act 1994, Equipment (Public Safety) (General) Regulations 1995, Certified Hazard C (Registered) and the Victorian WorkCover Authority Confirmation Number: V9920058.

How can I get in touch with OXYMED?

Please call us on +61 3 98269898 or +61 4000 44955, or email us at: info@oxymed.com.au

OXYMED Australia

643 Chapel Street South Yarra 3141 Australia

T: +61 3 9826 9898  E: info@oxymed.com.au