"Neither ASADA or WADA alleges that any players were given a banned substance at the South Yarra clinic". (Nov 2016)


"Invoices from HyperMED indicate that Dr Hooper administered 32 Cerebrolysin injections and 112 amino acid injections during this period.

The amino acid, which was bought in the United States, not Mexico, as claimed by ASADA, was tested and did not contain any variety of Thymosin."

​Essendon Football Club Approached Hooper HyperMED (OXYMED)

  • Essendon Football Club (EFC) representatives approached Hooper prior to the 2012 ANZAC weekend to assist with recovery and the mounting list of soft tissue injuries.

  • EFC were informed to the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and acknowledged other elite international athletes attending undertaking HyperMED (OXYMED) protocols.

  • During the “period in question” challenged by the AFL,  ASADA and WADA - the EFC win loss was 9 wins out of 11 consecutive games whilst players were attending HyperMED.

  • One of the 2-games the Essendon team lost by 1 point to the Sydney team however Essendon kicked '9-goals and 1-point in the final quarter to only lose by 1-point'.

  • In addition, there were no reported soft tissues injuries during the period attending.

  • The reported use of peptides were established in 2011 - so why were the players 30% up on their AFL Dream team scores during the 'period in question' attending for HBOT?

  * What was the real reason for the improved performance?

  ** Why isn't any media outlet prepared to discuss the role of HBOT and recovery?


Why did "4 Corners" censor my Corporate Counsel's interview which clearly would have negated the WADA decision that there was 'no other evidence to challenge their circumstantial evidence that it must have been peptides causing the early season out performance'.


After 4-years media spin (November 2016)

 * "Neither ASADA nor WADA alleges that any player was given a banned substance at the South Yarra clinic"

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