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OXYMED Licence Model Offering

 - Tier 1: Clinic based MHBAT - Mild Hyperbaric "Air" and "O2 approved" Therapy

 - Tier 2: Monoplace Non-Hospital Based Free Standing Clinics (1.5ATA to 2.4 ATA)  

 - Tier 2: Multi-Place Non-Hospital Based Free Standing Clinics (1.5ATA to 3.0 ATA)

​We offer:

  • Hyperbaric Chambers - soft and hard monoplace and Multiplace chambers specific to your clinic and individual needs.

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 training and certification of technical staff and doctors in accordance with international standards:


  • Full installation, commission, service and maintenance.

  • Clinical protocols, support and alliance under OXYMED.

  • Membership offer to ANDI International and the International Hyperbaric Medical Association (HMA). 

OXYMED Single and Multiplace 'Hard' Chambers

 - Single (monoplace) chambers treating at 2 ATA using high flow 20-40 LPM, 96-100% O2.

 - Multi place chambers (up to 20-persons).

Tier 2 Options:

AHA Hyperbarics Soft Chambers - 2.0 ATA 96% O2