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 - Tier 1 are 'soft' and 'mild' HBOT chambers where the pressure is limited to 1.3-1.5 ATA using 'pressurised air (21%)' or '5-8' lpm flow using a 93% Oxygen concentrator. Soft/mild chambers are recommended for general well being and some limited medical conditions. 

SAFETY WARNING - It is prohibited in all countries, to take inside a soft or hard chamber any lithium battery operated device ie mobile phone, notebook, i-pad etc.

 - ​Tier 2 are 'hard' chambers capable of providing higher working pressures, typically at 2.0 ATA 100% O2.  The published benefits of HBOT including stem cell mobilisation and "cytokine inflammatory modulation" are at Tier 2 protocols.

 - The modern applications of HBOT are diverse and remain controversial in Australia - AHPRA v Dr Malcolm R Hooper (2013)Over 70-conditions are internationally recognised and treated using HBOT, and often combined with traditional orthodox approaches to enhance the patient outcome. For more go to International Accepted Indications.

 - All OXYMED clinical technicians are trained and certified in accordance with the International Hyperbaric Medical Association (IHMA).


OXYMED Australia website is a 'clinical knowledge based' website with purpose:

 - To advance the beneficial effects of HBOT within the field of integrative medicine while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

 - To encourage the acceptance and growth of International Accepted Indications (2.0 ATA) allowing greater access to treatment thereby improving quality of life.

 - To enhance an international forum of physicians and scientists to advance the field of clinical hyperbaric medicine.

OXYMED Australia is the largest private outpatient facility specialising in the modern applications of Oxygen and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at 2.0ATA.  

Our approach is unique, you are our focus, integrative treatment approaches are specific to the individual, meaning n = 1.  


OXYMED continues to lead the field in the 'science based' applications of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (increased O2 under pressure) with over 23-years experience in using Oxygen modalities combined with integrative approaches to assist clients from elite sports to patients suffering complex neurological and autoimmune related illness. Protocols are tailored to the individual.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy plus standard treatment enhances the efficacy and outcomes for those confronted with serious health challenges.

We provide advice and consultancy globally. Perhaps we can assist you?  

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Malcolm Hooper is passionate about hyperbaric oxygen and how it can help people all over the world suffering from pain and illness. Hyperbaric oxygen has helped me. I commend his book 'The Life is in the Blood'.

Tony Robbins

‘Talk about getting punched in the gut when you’re not ready. First up I was told I had spinal stenosis, and then I tore my rotator cuff while snowboarding for which I thought I was going to get some PRP injections to heal my shoulder. Instead, I was told that I’m not ever going to be functional again. I called four of the best doctors I knew and they all said there was no solution. But I had made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to suffer, so I kept searching and found a man in Melbourne Australia, Malcolm Hooper, who sent me before-and-after MRIs to show me how 100 hours of hyperbaric oxygen causes the body to release 800 per cent more stem cells than your body would ever get from any drug or other approach. So I went to his clinic and he wanted to test my cytokines, as well as my inflammation and heavy metal markers, and all of a sudden I was thinking, ‘What am I doing here?’ And yet my markers were extreme! I still have challenges with my spine, but on a zero-to-ten scale I would say I’m a nine.’

Tony Robbins

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"A picture is worth a 1000 words. These are side by side pre and post HBOT metabolic SPECT scans showing the improvement over time in the brain function of the individual with 40 hyperbaric therapy treatments"  Dr. Ted Fogarty, MD IHMF President & Dr. Paul Harch, MD IHMA Executive Board

​Malcolm Hooper is Vice President of International Relations, International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation (IHMF) and Chair of International Chapter Development, International Hyperbaric Medical Association (IHMA).  Malcolm is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, author and clinician having journeyed the ‘road less travelled’. 

Speaking Topics include:


  • The Final Frontier in Rehabilitation - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Nanotechnology, Robotics & OXYGENE Epigenetics'

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy combined with (LOKOMAT) Robotic Exoskeleton assisting neuroplasticity in Brain and Spinal Cord disabilities

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Cytokine Modulation and Ketogenic Diet in Cancer Support

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy assisting Elite Sports Recovery & Performance – Cytokine Modulation 

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy assisting Disc Prolapse, Failed Back Surgery, Chronic Pain Syndromes

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in the management of Inflammatory Arthritis & Autoimmune Disorders

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Forthcoming Speaking Invitations:


  • ​"Impact of Neuroscience on Human Lives", International Conference on Neuroscience and Neurosurgery,  September 2019 | Baltimore, USA

  •  5th World Congress on Parkinson’s & Huntington Disease, August 19-20,2019 | Vienna, Austria

  • World Summit on Psychiatry Disorders, Mental Health and Wellness, June 24-25, 2019 | Philadelphia, USA 

  • NeuroTalk-2019 Conference, May 13-15, 2019 | Osaka, Japan

  • 2nd Annual Conference on Orthopedics and Rheumatology, April 22-23, 2019 | Barcelona, Spain​

  • 2nd International Conference Neurology and Brain Disorders, April 18-19, 2019  | Rome, Italy

  • World Congress on Neurology & Neurological disorders Neurology Congress 2019, April 08-09, 2019 | Toronto, Canada

  • "Scientific quest to overcome the challenges faced in Neurology and Psychology", Neurology and Psychology, November 26-28, 2018 | Melbourne, Australia

  • Neuropharmacology 2018 Conference, November 15-16, 2018, | Berlin, Germany 

Past Engagements:

Orthopedics 2018 - September 24-25, 2018 | Dubai, UAE 

HBOT2018: Advancing Hyperbaric Medicine Globally in the 21st Century

12th International Hyperbaric Medical Symposium, August 10-12 | Denver, Colorado

ANDI International - July 20-26 | Manila

  •  Advanced Hyperbaric Chamber Operations & Training​

Neurodisorders Congress: 25th World Congress on Neurology and Neurodisorders, July 16-17 | Melbourne, Australia

​HBOT2017: The Oxygen Revolution

11th International Hyperbaric Medical Symposium, August 2017 | New Orleans

HBOT2016: Deploying HBOT and Adjunctive Therapies into the Health Care System

10th International Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium, September 2016 | New Orleans

OXYMED Australia provides professional consultancy globally from elite athletes, corporate health and wellness, to individuals with complex health challenges and disabilities.


  • OXYMED Global is a "disruptive organization", we are committed to impacting global change with priority and focus on "rejuvenation, wellness and anti-aging".

- "The solution of today requires the thinking of tomorrow" (Einstein). 

 - "Why fix something that is broken, keep it working".

  • Individuals living with complex disability also "want" a better quality of life.

 - Innovative approaches include SPECT functional brain imaging coupled with DNA testing and specific gene expression  Cytokine Bio-Marker blood testing to monitor your health and the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


  • Our recommendations for optimal health, recovery & performance include lifestyle and dietary changes.

 - Ketogenic Diet & specific Supplements are based on individual Cytokine Gene Markers.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygenation?


  • Hyperbaric Oxygen is breathing enriched Oxygen under pressure.

 - There a 2- critical components: "Pressure and Oxygen".

  • HBOT increases dissolved oxygen into the blood plasma by 10-15 fold (1,000-1500%)

 - Normal blood plasma carry only 1-2% oxygen with red blood cells carrying approximately 98% oxygen.

 - The effect of increased Pressure & Oxygen tension into the blood plasma has significant Epigenetic effects on immune modulation. 

 - Oxygen, Pressure and Epigenetics (Harch 2018)

  • The term hyperbaric literally means high pressure.

 - A person living at sea level is at 'one' atmosphere of air pressure absolute (ATA). This can be expressed as 760 mm of mercury, or 14.7 pounds per square inch of air pressure. These numbers express the weight (or measure) of the vast envelope or "ocean" of air that surrounds the globe. We live at the bottom of this air layer. This air pressure is not noticeable because it is equally distributed over the body.

  • Because of the various physical laws governing temperature, pressure and volume of gases, it was discovered that if the partial pressure of oxygen coming in contact with lung alveolar capillaries was increased there was a corresponding increase in the amount of oxygen that will be forced into the plasma (liquid solution) in the blood. The hemoglobin of the red blood cells in a healthy person is already 98% saturated, so the only place the additional oxygen can go is in the plasma (liquid part of the blood).

  • At one ATA of pressure (sea level), the partial pressure of oxygen in alveolar air amounts to about 673 mm of mercury (mmHg).

 - However, when a person is placed in a hyperbaric chamber and delivered pure oxygen at 2 atmospheres (ATA) (a pressure of 10 m of sea water or 1520 mm of mercury) the alveolar oxygen pressure will increase to about 1433 mm of mercury.

 - This is a dramatic increase in the amount of oxygen going into the blood plasma 10-15 fold and up towards 20-fold (2000%) depending on the pressure and physical capacity of the individual.

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) is the therapeutic administration of 100% oxygen at pressures higher than 1 absolute atmosphere (ATA). It is administered by placing the patient in a multiplace or in a monoplace (one man) chamber and typically the vessels are pressurized to 1.5–3.0 ATA for periods between 60 and 120 minutes once or twice a day [Bennett et al. 2005a].

  • At 2.0 ATA, the blood oxygen content is increased and sufficient oxygen becomes dissolved in plasma to meet tissue needs in the absence of haemoglobin-bound oxygen, increasing plasma oxygen tensions 10-15 fold (1000- 1500%).

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) induces immune modulation

  • The human frame is Oxygen dependent.

 - Oxygen levels vary widely across the body. For example, in a healthy adult, lung tissue has an oxygen concentration of about 15 percent, while the inner lining of the intestine is around 0 percent.

 - All drugs require Oxygen - poor Oxygen at a tissue level means treatment responses to medications (chemotherapy) are inferior increasing risk of side effects and further complications.

  • Hyperbaric Oxygenation (HBO @ 1.5-2.4 ATA using 100% O2) is considered safe and effective but also not without risk.

 - The upper level of HBOT pressure adopted at OXYMED is 2.0 ATA .

 - Possible complications may include barotrauma (can occur even at minimal pressures unless the person is properly equalising), oxygen toxicity (typically at higher pressures affecting the central nervous system and lungs), claustrophobia and anxiety, and ocular effects such as myopia and cataract (again typically higher pressures).

  • HBO is non-invasive.

  • HBO 'reawakens the body's immune system' so it is able to target cells that are compromised or destructive - HBOT modulates immune responses.

  • HBO reactivates; 'jump-starts cellular mitochondrial respiration, function and regulation'.

 - Hypoxia is the lack of Oxygen at a cellular level resulting in mitochondrial (energy power house) dysfunction.

 - Suppressed mitochondrial function due to hypoxia rapidly leads to an over-expression (excess production) of inflammatory cytokines, accumulation of toxic debris (apoptosis), altered DNA fragments inducing a host site for chronic opportunistic infections and cellular mutations (disease).

  • HBO promotes patient specific 'homing' bone marrow stem cell production, mobilization and circulation accelerating healing time. 

  • After the initial 'cytokine wash-out' (herxheimer's reaction); HBOT down-regulates pro-inflammatory cytokines associated with autoimmune disorders.

  • HBO reduces chronic pain, edema and cellular degeneration.

  • HBO inhibits bacterial replication and hospital based infections.

  • HBO accelerates regeneration by upregulating 'anti-inflammatory gene expressions' including vascular growth (VEGF) and brain derived neural growth factors (BDNF).

  • HBO promotes blood brain barrier integrity and function promoting antioxidant effects.

  • HBO is NOT promoted as a 'cure' but synergistic to 'orthodox' and 'complementary' treatments and therapies.​

  • HBO is combined with the principles of neuroplasticity to drive functional changes.

 - SPECT functional brain imaging is recommended initially when commencing HBOT and later at interval to monitor functional changes coupled with Cytokine Biomarkers. ​

Oxygen, Pressure and Epigenetics


HBO Effects Traumatic Brain Injury: Oxygen, Pressure & Gene Therapy (Harch) 2015


  • 'As many as 8101 genes were either up- or down-regulated over 24 h after a single exposure to HBOT'. 

 - Up~Regulated genes were primarily growth and repair hormones and the anti-inflammatory genes,

 - Down~Regulated genes were the pro-inflammatory and apoptotic genes'. 

 - HBO enhances Mitochondrial function

 - HBO proliferates Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors (VEGF) & Brain Derived Neural Growth Factors (BDNF & GDNF),

 - HBO reduces Telomeres degeneration and more ...

  • HBO Down~Regulates toxic intra and extra cellular inflammatory Cytokines (IL1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 17), Tumour Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNFα), GlycA, S100B, chronic opportunistic Anaerobic (MRSA, VRE) and co-infections (Viral, Bacterial, Parasitic), Cell Sepsis and more ...​

Disruptive Healthcare

Is Australia the modern day 'Gallipoli' of the global Pharmaceutical Drug Model?

  • 'Disruptive Healthcare' will transform the drug model.

 - Maintaining a sick community is a "dying priority".

 - People want to keep alive and live life with minimal breakdown.

 - People do not intentionally want to develop cancer or other autoimmune disease.

 - However the thinking of the future is required to avoid the health challenges confronting today's society.


  • The OXYMED Australia website is a comprehensive resource identifying the advances in clinical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and integrative approaches supported by published evidence.

  • If the criteria for all of medicine to provide "high level evidence," then most of clinical medical, services and surgery under Medicare would be abandoned.

 - Large patient cohorts subjected to randomised clinical trials with double blinded cross overs are the "gold standard" for pharmaceutical drugs aimed at the incentified markets.

 - However there are many drugs targeting the masses under "public health policy" that do not satisfy "high level evidence".

 - Cherry picking the evidence is common practise. 

 - This approach may have worked for you in the past, however if your health situation has continued to progressively deteriorate then you may have to think outside the box. 

  • Cytokine Gene Expression Testing is at the forefront of medical advances and immunotherapy interventions. Type into Google your "health condition" and "cytokines" and you will be overwhelmed with the response.

  • So this begs the question, why aren't governments paying for Cytokine testing enabling the public to access these specific advances with view of how your body is actually functioning at a "cellular level".

 - The answer is simple.

 - Cytokine testing places focus on the "individual" cellular gene expression with the view that your health is simply not another generic drug for another symptom.

  • So who is really behind the right of an individual to choose the best form of treatment and care?

 - Are you, or for that matter am I in control of our destiny?

 - Perhaps if we get back to basics meaning clean healthy living and a clean mind and spirit to others then as we change, the world also changes.

  • Inspirational dissatisfaction drives us as individuals to accomplish what often seems to be the impossible.

 - Challenges cause us to rise and overcome the obstacles or alternatively we give up, sit back and accept the standards that are projected on us and ultimately take what life dictates.

 - Miracles just don’t happen unless they are from God above.

'The world we lived in the past has created the problems of today, But to solve today’s problems requires the thinking of tomorrow' Einstein

OXYMED Case Studies

OXYMED Case Study - Male age 7 - Recurrent Glioblastoma

Surgical resection pre-HBOT, listless response to radiation therapy.

Before Jan 2017 and After May 2017. Before and After Interval - 84 hours HBOT

Med Gas Res. 2018 Apr 18;8(1):24-28. doi: 10.4103/2045-9912.229600. eCollection 2018 Jan-Mar.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy as adjunctive strategy in treatment of glioblastoma multiforme.


Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common type of malignant intracranial tumor in adults. Tumor tissue hypoxia, high mitotic rate, and rapid tumor spread account for its poor prognosis. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) may improve the sensitivity of radio-chemotherapy by increasing oxygen tension within the hypoxic regions of the neoplastic tissue. This review summarizes the research of HBOT applications within the context of experimental and clinical GBM. Limited clinical trials and preclinical studies suggest that radiotherapy immediately after HBOT enhances the effects of radiotherapy in some aspects. HBOT also is able to strengthen the anti-tumor effect of chemotherapy when applied together. Overall, HBOT is well tolerated in the GBM patients and does not significantly increase toxicity. However, HBOT applied by itself as curative strategy against GBM is controversial in preclinical studies and has not been evaluated rigorously in GBM patients. In addition to HBOT favorably managing the therapeutic resistance of GBM, future research needs to focus on the multimodal or cocktail approaches to treatment, as well as molecular strategies targeting GBM stem cells.

7Yr Old Glioblastoma Pre HBO
Glioblastoma Pre HBO
Surgical Resection Pre HBO
Surgical Resection Pre HBO
After 84 Hours HBO
After 84 Hours HBO
After 84 Hours HBO
Show More

OXYMED Case Study - Male age 36 - Brain, Chest, Testicles, Bone Metastasis

Before Oct 2016 and After May 2017. Before and After Interval - 205 hours HBOT


OXYMED Case Study - Female age 41 - Recurrent Breast Cancer, Chest, Liver, Stomach Metastasis

Before Jan 2017 and After May 2017. Before and After Interval - 150 hours HBOT

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Disc Prolapse, Chronic Pain Syndromes, Failed Back Surgery

 - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for 'back pain and complex spinal disorders' - was pioneered by Malcolm R Hooper (Australia 1996)

 - Google search in images: 'Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Disc Prolapse' - the majority of images globally are OXYMED patients

HBOT2016:  10th International Hyperbaric Medical Symposium September 2016, New Orleans, USA





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