OXYMED provides professional consultancy globally from elite athletes, celebrities, corporate health to individuals suffering complex health challenges and disabilities.

OXYMED BioHacking is unique, you are our focus, integrative treatment approaches are specific to the individual, meaning n = 1.  


OXYMED continues to lead the field in the evidenced based applications of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (increased O2 under pressure) with over 25-years experience in using Oxygen modalities combined with integrative approaches to assist clients from elite sports to patients suffering complex health challenges. 

All protocols administered are tailored to the individual. By providing our novel Cytokine Genetic Marker testing at baseline, we are able to quantify the level of systemic inflammation and assess the needs of the individual. Re-testing after the treatment protocol also shows the progress that has been made using HBOT.

 * Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy plus standard treatment enhances the efficacy and outcomes for those confronted with serious health challenges.

 ** OXYMED BioHacking  is focused on optimal health, recovery & performance include lifestyle and dietary changes. Ketogenic Diet & specific Supplements are based on individual Cytokine Gene Markers.


  * In response to the confusion regarding hyperbaric chambers, treatment pressures and protocols in both the local and international market place.

SOFT & MILD TIER 1  (1.0 ATA - 1.5 ATA)

Tier 1 are recommended for "general well being, recovery and some limited physical conditions". 

 **Many Tier 1 chambers use only compressed “air” whilst the occupant is at depth.


Other Tier 1 systems use an Oxygen concentrator but with a limited flow ie 5-10 LPM. 

Virtually all portable O2 concentrators only provide between 90-95% O2 up to a pressure of 1.3 ATA or 30 kpa. So, what happens if the pressure inside the chamber is at or above 1.3 ATA? 

The operator and occupant will typically turn up the flow rate to be comfortable however this significantly drops the level of O2 ‘actually’ produced by the concentrator. Also, most occupants and certainly athletes require at least 15-20 LPM whilst inside a HBOT chamber.

If there is only 5-10 LPM coming from the O2 concentrator, then where is the balance of the ‘air flow’ coming from?

 ** The problem also associated with Tier 1 soft and mild chambers is that they do NOT use over board dumping for exhaled breathing – meaning the occupant is rebreathing gases over the course of the treatment. Tier 1 systems do NOT monitor the ambient gases whilst the patient is inside the chamber.

 *** CO2 and Nitrogen loading is obviously not good for any occupant let alone athletes.

OXYMED TIER 2  (1.5 ATA - 2.4 ATA)

 * Tier 2 are 'mid range' chambers where the protocols are greater than 1.5 ATA using 100% Oxygen or high flow (20-30 LPM) medical grade Oxygen concentrations (96%). 

Tier 2 chambers are typically 'hard' chambers - non hospital, free standing clinics. 

Tier 2 pressures (2.0 ATA using 100% O2) are required for "stem cell mobilisation and cytokine gene expression inflammatory modulation". (Thoms et al. 2005)

 ** The following organisations recognise over 70-medical conditions at higher (Tier 2) pressure protocols including:  Hyperbaric Medicine International,  The National Hyperbaric Medical Association (now part of Hyperbaric Medicine International), The American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, The International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation (IHMF), The American Association for Hyperbaric Awareness, Prominent individual members of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Association.  Reference: K. K. Jain Text of Hyperbaric Medicine P76  'International Conditions Treated Using HBOT'

HOSPITAL TIER 3  (2.4 ATA - 3.0 ATA)

 * Tier 3 chambers are hospital facilities where HBOT is provided at higher pressures for individuals suffering "emergency and life threatening disorders".

Tier 3 chambers include multiplace chambers (multiple persons at a time) and 100% Oxygen filled monoplace chambers.

 ** Medicare funding is restricted to  the following: decompression illness, diabetic delayed wounds, necrotizing wounds, radiation necrosis bone and soft tissue.




 * Past International Executive Director, Hyperbaric Medicine International (HMI)

  ** Vice President of International Relations, International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation (IHMF) 

Malcolm is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, author and clinician having journeyed the ‘road less travelled’


  • The Final Frontier in Rehabilitation - BioHacking, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Nanotechnology, Robotic Neuroplasticity, OXYGENE Epigenetics

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy combined with (LOKOMAT) Robotic Exoskeleton assisting neuroplasticity in Brain and Spinal Cord disabilities

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Cytokine Modulation and Ketogenic Diet in Cancer Support

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy assisting Elite Sports Recovery & Performance – Cytokine Modulation 

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy assisting Disc Prolapse, Failed Back Surgery, Chronic Pain Syndromes

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in the management of Inflammatory Arthritis & Autoimmune Disorders

 Speaking Invitations

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"Malcolm Hooper is passionate about hyperbaric oxygen and how it can help people all over the world suffering from pain and illness. Hyperbaric oxygen has helped me. I commend his book - The Life is in the Blood."

Tony Robbins

"Talk about getting punched in the gut when you’re not ready. First up I was told I had spinal stenosis, and then I tore my rotator cuff while snowboarding for which I thought I was going to get some PRP injections to heal my shoulder. Instead, I was told that I’m not ever going to be functional again. I called four of the best doctors I knew and they all said there was no solution. But I had made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to suffer, so I kept searching and found a man in Melbourne Australia, Malcolm Hooper, who sent me before-and-after MRIs to show me how 100 hours of hyperbaric oxygen causes the body to release 800 per cent more stem cells than your body would ever get from any drug or other approach. So I went to his clinic and he wanted to test my cytokines, as well as my inflammation and heavy metal markers, and all of a sudden I was thinking, ‘What am I doing here?’ And yet my markers were extreme! I still have challenges with my spine, but on a zero-to-ten scale I would say I’m a nine."

Tony Robbins

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OXYMED Case Study - Male age 7 - Recurrent Glioblastoma

 Surgical resection pre-HBOT, child is listless response to radiation therapy

 Before Jan 2017 and After May 2017 (treatment interval with HBOT - 84 hours of HBOT)

OXYMED Case Study - Male age 36 - Brain, Chest, Testicles, Bone Metastasis

  *Before and After Interval - 205 hours HBOT


OXYMED Case Study - Female age 41 - Recurrent Breast Cancer, Chest, Liver, Stomach Metastasis

 Before and After Interval - 150 hours HBOT

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